Globe Large Addressable Market

The demand for tools to help defend enterprises, public organizations and individuals from cybercriminals is fueling industry growth. By 2026, industry researchers estimate the global cybersecurity market will be worth US$270 billion, up from US$173 billion1 in 2020.

Clipboard showing a chart The Cybercrime Problem is Escalating

The digital age has brought on a growing wave of cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime that is proving to be a central challenge for law enforcement agencies and enterprises alike. Industry reports suggest the global damages attributable to cybercrime nearly hit US$1 trillion2 in 2020 and could be as high as US$10.5 trillion3 by 2026.

Smarthone that received a message Investigations Have Changed

In the past, evidence was physical and bound to crime scenes. The proliferation of data and devices in society changed how police and corporations investigate crimes and incidents. A 2019 European Commission report4 stated that electronic evidence is now needed in around 85% of criminal investigations. Digital elements such as instant messages, emails, browser histories and GPS data are now crucial to building cases.

Links over a document showing a chart Innovation that Counts

Our modernized approach to digital investigations provides our customers the ability to quickly identify critical data and evidence. We take massive amounts of unstructured data from mobile phones, computers, IoT devices, cloud services and hundreds of apps and present it in a simplified format. Investigators use our built-in automation, analytics, AI and data visualizations to quickly identify important evidence and generate case reports to share with non-technical stakeholders such as lawyers, judges, juries and corporate HR departments.

Handshake Diverse Blue-Chip Customer Base

Our solutions are currently used by over 4,000 law enforcement, national security, military and other public and private sector organizations with investigative needs, in 100 countries. We count over 150 of the Fortune 1000 as customers. Intelligence agencies around the world use our software to investigate the most important national security cases. Hundreds of service providers also count on our tools to service their customers.

Person in front of a monitor displaying an income Established Track Record of Profitable Growth

Our successful strategies for growing our customer base, along with our long-term partnerships with our current customers, have translated into revenue growth and profitability. We ended 2020 with approximately $51.2M USD in revenue, representing a 2 year CAGR of 38%.

Globe in the palm of a hand Social Impact

Magnet Forensics was founded with the purpose of using technology for good. Our founder, Jad Saliba, made a difficult decision to leave policing in order to launch Magnet Forensics because he saw an opportunity to do more for the pursuit of justice on a global scale. As our company evolved, our desire to help the innocent and the vulnerable remained at the core of our business. We’re proud to see our technology make a difference in child exploitation, human trafficking, cybercrime and terrorism investigations. Beyond the impact we make with our software, we support local, national and international charities aligned with our mission. In 2021, we launched our own charitable initiative, The Auxtera Project, through which we donate our technology and the voluntary services of trained digital investigators to charities, non-profits and public organizations that aid vulnerable populations in seeking equal access to justice.

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