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Magnet Forensics & Griffeye Partner to Support Child Exploitation Investigations


December 14, 2015 (Orlando, FL, USA) Magnet Forensics and Griffeye today announced their partnership at the 2015 Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Conference. The companies have collaborated to develop an integration between Magnet IEF and Griffeye Analyze DI. This integration enables forensics examiners that use both tools to export pictures and videos recovered by Magnet IEF to a VICS OData JSON file which can be easily imported into Griffeye Analyze DI.

This partnership allows forensic examiners to combine their use of Magnet IEF and Griffeye Analyze DI in an integrated workflow model that makes best use of the unique capabilities of these two industry leading software solutions.  

“At Magnet Forensics, we are committed to developing tools that support our partners in law enforcement in their investigations of child exploitation and other crimes with digital evidence. We are pleased to partner with an organization who shares our desire to end the exploitation of children and can make a tangible impact in improving digital investigations,” said Jad Saliba, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Magnet Forensics. “Magnet Forensics’ partnership with Griffeye will enable our partners in law enforcement to conduct more efficient and effective investigations.”       

Magnet Forensics has emerged as a global leader in the development of tools that enable law enforcement to acquire, analyze, and report on Internet related evidence such as chat, social networking, and other popular applications found on computers, smartphones and tablets. The company’s products are currently used by 2,700 agencies in 92 countries.

“The integration between Magnet IEF and Griffeye Analyze DI is an example of two best-in-class technologies willing to work together in order to offer child exploitation investigators around the world options that are compliant with the Project VIC’s ecosystem of non-proprietary tools. Congratulations from ICMEC,” said Richard Brown, Law Enforcement and Technology Liaison at the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC).

“Griffeye and Magnet Forensics share a similar mindset, which is to focus on the user. By partnering with Magnet Forensics and leveraging already existing standards in the VICS OData format, we are able to provide a smooth workflow between Magnet IEF and Analyze DI. In essence, users can seamlessly move data between both tools – meaning it’s easy to use the right tool for the job,” said Johann Hofmann, Director and Head of Griffeye.

Griffeye is a provider of the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and managing images and videos. Known as Griffeye Analyze, the platform is used in any investigation containing digital media for law enforcement, defense, national security, insurance and health care agencies worldwide.

Magnet Forensics and Griffeye will conduct joint webinars to ensure our partners in law enforcement can maximize the integration of their respective tools. Details regarding these webinars can be found here.           

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Director, Corporate Affairs
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